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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chapter 19: My Bucket List AKA Things To Do In Life

After watching the movie "The Bucket List" a couple of months ago, I was inspired to make my very own (Bucket List, not movie). So, in no particular order (honestly - this is just how it came out of my head onto the paper I originally wrote it on, and it is ever expanding) and with plenty of pictures to keep you entertained, here is...

My Bucket List

 Go to Australia (I've been in love with this place since the 3rd grade)

 Pet a grizzly bear (naturally... hello! I am Grizzly Girl!)

 Get married (*dreamy sigh*)

 Go on an African safari (nature, animals, warm weather... what's NOT to love?)

 Go to Hawaii (another obsessive place for me)

 Feel 100% beautiful (with this, I mean beautiful inside and out... I want to love who I am)

 Own a mastiff (my favorite breed... they really can get this big!)

 Go to Greece (the third obsession in my travel itinerary)

 Have kids (to complete my happy little family - can't decide if I want 2 or 3)

 Meet Johnny Depp (preferably dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow ha ha!)

 Take surf lessons (possibly on my trip to Hawaii?)

 Learn to speak Greek (before I take that trip to Greece, though)

 Take dance lessons (I love watching Riverdance!)

 Perform a surgery (legally, a vet tech cannot do this, but I would SO love to - love this picture, by the way!)

 Experience true love (ACCOMPLISHED!)

 Be completely happy (in every aspect of my life, all at the same time)

 Swim with dolphins (I almost cry everytime I see the commercial to do this)

 Go on a road trip and see an odd attraction in all 50 states (the largest ball of string? Yes please! the Empire State Building? no thanks...)

 Meet Morgan Spurlock (he did the documentary "Super Size Me" and has the awesome show "30 Days")

 Plan my own wedding (who wants someone else's vision on their dream wedding day? and by the way, I've already started!)


So, what do you want to do in your lifetime?

-Grizzly Girl


1minutefilmreview said...

Great list! :)

CT said...

I really like your list and the idea for a post. Would you mind if I make a spin off post?

Grizzly Girl said...

No, go right ahead! I think everyone should have a Bucket List (or goals for life) of their own! :)