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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chapter 6: I Love Pancakes That Have Slightly Undercooked Batter In The Middle

Sorry for my lack of writing. Not much is going on, so I don’t want to bore you with MY boredom.

Within an hour of each other last night, we euthanized 2 animals… both of which were named Jerry. How weird is that? Jerry is not a common name in the animal world. It would be more understandable if they were “Bailey” or “Max”, but Jerry? It gave Dr. S and I chills. Thankfully, they were not the same species, because that would have really been creepy. (One was a cat, the other a ferret.)

Work is going good! The only “problem” I’ve had, is one of the other technicians told Dr. S that she thought I acted like I knew everything. When I asked Dr. S to give me an example, she said, “Well, she said you questioned why we were using a certain blood tube”. Um… okay? I haven’t been telling people how to do their jobs, I’ve just been asking, “So, why do we do it this way? I’m used to this…” just so I can understand why we do things the way we do them. I don’t like doing something and not knowing why I’m doing it, you know?

I guess I should actually tell you the whole story of my job before I go on complaining or anything…

I was hired to basically re-train everyone (including the other doctor), but they don’t know that. They think I’m just another technician like them. Dr. S really wanted me to work there since I went to school for the job, and I’m certified. (In some states, you don’t have to go to school and be certified/licensed to work in an animal hospital. Sometimes on-the-job training will do, but the American Animal Hospital Association [AAHA from now on] is trying to steer away from that.) So, Dr. S wanted me to come in with my knowledge of legal procedures and medical procedures etc. and basically re-train everyone, but not let them know what I’m doing. She wants me to do things the correct way, and set an example for everyone else. It kind of sucks in the sense that people might start thinking I’m a goodie-too-shoes and whatnot, but it’s nice because if I get backlash from people, I can let her know and she’ll put whatever I was trying to do into the hospital policy.

So anyway, I hope all of that made sense. Essentially, I am there to lay down the law of AAHA. Hehe.

I love my job, though. For the most part, everyone there is great. I’m paid extremely well for my position. The drive isn’t too bad. I’m constantly learning new things… I’m really happy that I went in and gave my resume to them on the day I did.

Being vegan is going good! My body is handling all of the new and different foods I’m putting into it. I love the recipes we’re making, and I’m super happy that B (my boyfriend) is eating and liking them as well. Having that support there helps, you know?

B and I are doing great. I've been on this weird "My biological clock is ticking!" thing lately. (Don't worry, I have NOT said anything about it to him.) And I'm all "Oh my dog, everyone around me is having or has had a baby, and I want one! NO! I want three!!!" and that's all my mind is thinking lately. Gah. Stupid female hormones. Like WTF?! I don't want kids at 23, and I want to wait until I'm married, you know? (That's another thing I keep yearning for... again, stupid hormones!!!) Other than my silent mental freak-outs, we're just peachy. Hahaha!

I guess that’s it for now. I’ll try to update more often now that I’m actually starting to have a life. :)

-Grizzly Girl